Bill Bradbury

bill bradbury

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Writer

Bill Bradbury has worked as a graphic designer, art director, creative director and user experience designer for over twenty years. There's a solid chance you know that already if you're here, but if not, hey, you found the right page–nice googling. If this is what you came here for, check out work samples from his portfolio. Every five to ten years he updates it with new images and projects, so hold your breath or set an alert for that action. Or, drop him a line and ask what he's working on. That'd be weird though. Unless you've got a job or project to discuss, that makes more sense. Either way, we cool.

We'll continue to talk in the third-person because it's fun. Bill is also a writer. What? His debut short story is published in America’s Emerging Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers 2019. He's querying agents for his first dystopian science fiction novel while working on a second book. You can check out some recent writing and a ton of old stuff on a blog he started in 2002. Originally it was written on clay tablets and hand-delivered to readers. That's a true story*.

Check out the cyberstalking links below. We all know that's why you're here. I'll help save you time. I barely use Facebook, overuse Twitter and am on LinkedIn because you have to be. I'm a long-time Aikidoka (Google that) at Mill City Aikido but have taken time away from the dojo to battle with Lyme disease. The best of the citrus named diseases.

*I said it was a true story.